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99dewa dan berikut Cara Bermain Poker The Blinds Dalam permainan Hold'em, player yang mendapatkan button atau tanda "D" biasa disebut "the Dealer Button". Sebelum kartu dibagikan, player pertama yang duduk searah jarum jam disamping playe,r yang mendapatkan button D secara otomatis, akan meletakkan chips diatas meja sejumlah "Small Blind", selanjutnya player disamping Small Blind, ini yang searah jarum jam secara otomatis akan meletakkan chips sejumlah "Big Blind" , dimana jumlah "Big Blind" ini adalah 2x lebih besar dari jumlah "Small Blind". Sebelum player menentukan pilihan meja untuk bermain, player dapat menentukan jumlah ketentuan limit "Small Blind" dan "Big Blind", yang mereka inginkan, ini dapat dilihat dari angka misalnya 300/600, 500/1000, 1000/2000 atau yang lainnya. Setelah semua proses diatas selesai, kini dealer akan membagikan 2 hole cards, ke masing-masing pemain. Selanjutnya proses betting, akan dimulai searah dengan jarum jam, dimulai dari pemain yang duduk disamping "Big Blind".Pre-FlopSetelah semua pemain masing-masing telah mendapatkan 2 kartu, kini setiap pemain mendapatkan opsi untuk memainkan kartu mereka dengan pilihan "call", "raise", atau "fold".The Flop Setelah sesi Pre-Flop selesai, kini dealer akan membagikan 3 kartu diatas meja dengan posisi terbuka, ini disebut dengan The Flop. Pada putaran ini, opsi pilihan betting selanjutnya jatuh ke pemain yang duduk disamping "dealer button" searah jarum jam. Opsi yang bias dipilih adalah sama seperti opsi pada Pre-Flop, namun ada satu tambahan opsi Check, jika pemain tidak ingin melakukan betting dan selanjutnya akan berlanjut ke pemain berikutnya.The Turn Ketika sesi betting pada The Flop telah selesai, dealer akan membagikan kartu keempat diatas meja, sesi ini disebut dengan The Turn. Putaran taruhan berlanjut sama seperti sesi The Flop The River Ketika sesi taruhan pada sesi The Turn selesai, maka selanjutnya dealer akan membagikan kartu terkahir, yaitu kartu kelima diatas meja, sesi ini disebut dengan sesi terakhir atau The River.

99dewa, Opsi pilihan betting sama seperti yang disebutkan diatas.The Showdown Jika terdapat lebih dari satu pemain yang tersisa pada sesi The River, maka pemain terakhir yang melakukan pemasangan taruhan adalah, pemain yang akan membuka kartu duluan, kecuali tidak ada yang melakukan pemasangan taruhan maka player yang berada disamping "dealer button" lah yang pertama akan membuka kartu.

99dewa Pemenang ditentukan berdasarkan pemegang kombinasi kartu terbaik 99dewa Agen Judi Poker Domino Online Indonesia Terpercaya

    1. Check - Jika player sebelumnya tidak ada melakukan pemasangan taruhan, maka pemain selanjutnya dapat melakukan opsi pilihan Check, jika semua pemain melakukan Check maka sesi putaran taruhan tersebut dianggap selesai dan sesi baru putaran selanjutnya dimulai.
    2. Bet - Jika tidak ada taruhan yang dilakukan sebelumnya maka pemain dapat memilih opsi pilihan Bet. Jika pemain melakukan Bet, maka pemain selanjutnya dapat memilih opsi antara Fold, Call atau Raise.
    3. Fold - Opsi pilihan Fold adalah pilihan yang dilakukan oleh seorang pemain jika pemain tersebut menyerah. Pemain tersebut tidak dapat melakukan pemasangan taruhan lagi dan dianggap gugur.
    4. Call - Jika terdapat pemasangan taruhan pada pemain sebelumnya, pemain selanjutnya dapat mengikuti besaran nilai taruhan tersebut dengan memilih pilihan Call.
    5. Raise - Jika terdapat pemasangan taruhan pada pemain sebelumnya, pemain berikutnya dapat melakukan penambahan dari nilai taruhan sebelumnya dengan melakukan pilihan Raise, atau jika pemain tersebut ingin menghabiskan semua chips yang dimilikinya diatas meja maka pemain tersebut dapat melakukan pilihan All-In

99dewa Agen Judi Poker, Domino dan Ceme Online Indonesia Terpercaya - website yang juga akan memberikan layanan permainan Domino online teraman dan terpercaya dan tentunya untuk anda yang berada di Indonesia, anda tidak perlu ragu bila bersama 99dewa agen ceme online ,karena segala sesuatu yang didukung dengan profesional permainan online disini akan benar benar terbukti nyata sehingga tidak akan ada tipu daya ataupun permainan robot sitem yang memberatkan member memperoleh kemenangan.

sebuah server lokal yang telah teraklereasi dengan teknologi terbaru dan terbaik layanan judi poker online yang memiliki tingkat keamanan yang akurat dan kecepatan yang terdeteksi sehingga akan benar benar menciptakan suatu keadaan permainan di judi online yang setabil dan penuh warna,dengan didukung pula oleh bank-bank lokal Indonesia.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

From Minimum Wage…

Money was a constant source of tension and stress when I was growing up. My parents were intelligent, well-educated and hard-working, yet they lived paycheck to paycheck. When I was 13, they divorced, then my mom struggled to raise three kids, often relying on free lunch tickets and food stamps. As my mother approach retirement age, she was riddled with anxiety over the fact that she hadn’t saved for her golden years. My father had always been (and continues to be, even in his 70’s) a workaholic — my siblings, his grandkids and I have always wished he’d figured out a way to work less and spend more time with us instead.
I started my adult life working a series of dead end jobs, earning minimum wage.
As a young adult, I dropped out of college and spent the next couple of years drifting from one minimum wage job to another, paying more attention to the boys I was dating than to my financial future. I ended up broke and alone after my fiancĂ©e and I broke up. I learned that I couldn’t count on Prince Charming to sweep me off of my feet and take care of me.
My parents were struggling to make ends meet, so I couldn’t go home and become a burden on them. I abandoned my broken-down car, reduced my rent by sharing a one-bedroom apartment with three other women, and scarfed down free food during Happy Hour at our local bar (free appetizers with the purchase of a $2 draft). I learned to be resourceful and to do whatever it took to survive.
One night, while working the graveyard shift at a donut shop and pouring coffee for a homeless woman, I realized that I was one paycheck away from being homeless myself. That was my wake-up call. Motivated by fear of an uncertain future, I opened the Yellow Pages, called professional dog trainers and negotiated an unpaid apprenticeship. Less than a year later, I was hired by my mentor, and I loved the work. A couple years later, I started my own successful dog-training school. I learned the power of asking for what I want.
23 years ago, I got married. (No, that’s not how I became a millionaire… He was a construction worker, earning just $8 bucks an hour…) Anyway, by the time we had celebrated our second wedding anniversary, it was obvious that if our marriage was to survive, we needed to move away from his family. Quite frankly, my in-laws thought that I should “wear the skirt” and demonstrate subordination to their son, and since I was a “strong-minded” woman, they were not supportive of our relationship. I learned it was critical to reduce my exposure to toxic people. We packed our belongings and moved to Colorado.

…To Millionaire Mommy!

Money ranks as the first most argued topic for many couples. It has been estimated that an astounding 80% of divorces are the result of money disagreements. Having a child is considered the single best indicator of financial collapse.
I wanted a family, but I didn’t want to be one of those statistics.
My choice to form a family through adoption rather than pregnancy was a decision I made when I was an idealistic teenager. (The way I figured it, why “make my own” child when there are countless orphans dying for a family already?) Since I planned to adopt, my biological time clock wasn’t a ticking time bomb. When I was 30, I decided to achieve financial freedom before adopting our daughter because I didn’t want to repeat our parent’s experiences. Both my husband and I grew up with young, struggling, work-all-the-time parents and quite frankly, that often stunk. We didn’t want money issues to negatively impact our family.
Over the course of the next couple years, I made it my mission to learn about personal finance, investing, entrepreneurship and lifestyle design. With this newfound knowledge, I created a plan that would allow my husband and I to be free of our money worries.
And it worked! By age 40, we were 100% debt free and had over a million dollars in the bank!
Today, we are proud and happy stay-at-home parents to our amazing young daughter. Financially free, our family hasn’t set an alarm clock in years.Whether it be work, parenting or play, we wake with the sun, eager to spend each new day doing whatever we choose.
We consider ourselves “closet millionaires”. You’d have no clue that we’re millionaires by looking at our Stuff. Our family lives a typical middle-class lifestyle with one fantastic exception– we only work when we want to. Financial freedom affords us the gift of free time.
Contrary to popular belief, most millionaire households do not live the extravagant lifestyles that many assume. In fact, a millionaire or two may be living inconspicuously next door to you! The authors of the bestseller, The Millionaire Next Door: The Surprising Secrets of America’s Wealthy, found the top reason for why some people manage to accumulate wealth is that they live below their means. Many millionaires have found that living in a status neighborhood is not only a poor value, but it makes one feel the need to keep buying status objects to keep up with the Joneses.
Would it surprise you to learn that my husband and I rent instead of own our home, share a car, and don’t subscribe to cable TV?
Like most millionaires in their study, we live our lives and spend our money in ways that are in alignment with our values, interests and passionsWe tend to be do-ers, not have-ers: we don’t care much for “stuff” (a McMansion home, new clothes, iPads or jewelry), but we spend generously on recreational pursuits, organic foods and long trips to faraway places. We make efforts to be environmentally green. By reducing our consumption, we save money in the process.

Why I Created “The Millionaire Mommy Next Door”

Women need more money than men. Why? (No, not so we can buy more shoes, handbags and manicures.) We need more money because we live longer than men, make significantly less salary than our male peers, and are more likely to be single parents raising a family on one income. Women comprise 87% of the impoverished elderly. A woman who works full-time for 40 years will earn $523,000 less than her male counterpart. At age 65, that extra half a million dollars could keep her from becoming one of the elderly poor!
What do these grim statistics tell us? They tell us that women, especially as they become older, are not prepared to take care of themselves financially. Yet nearly 90% of all women will end up managing their finances alone at some point in their lives.
I want to share my story and lessons learned because I’m at a point in my life where I’d like to “pay it forward”. The financial industry is rarely focused on women – my intention is to offer a supportive community and a female perspective. And my blog isn’t just about sharing my story: I’ve pledged my blog’s profits (from paid advertisements placed in the sidebar) as no-interest microloans for small businesses operated by working, impoverished women in developing countries.
Want To Know Even MORE About My Journey???
I’ve written a five-part series that details my story and the important lessons I’ve learned along the way:
    1. How I Became a Millionaire (Part 1: Childhood)
    2. How I Became A Millionaire (Part 2: Early Adulthood)
    3. How I Became A Millionaire (Part 3: My Twenties)
    4. How I Became A Millionaire (Part 4: My Thirties)
    5. From Minimum Wage to Millionaire (Part 5: My Early 40′s)
Finally, here are the archived blog posts I’ve written that are tagged “about me”.

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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

It is time to explore this new age where access is better than ownership

Screen Shot 2015-12-05 at 8.16.56 pm

A car used to be the ultimate symbol of freedom and independence but increasingly consumers view ownership as an expense and a burden. Often considered the gateway to other forms of Collaborative Consumption, Car Sharing is becoming increasingly popular with its promise of personal convenience and social improvement. It is time to explore this new age where access is better than ownership. rent a car now car rental singapore

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Rent to Save : The Benefits of Vehicle Rental

There are numerous benefits of vehicle rental, which provides enough reasons for you to rent a car instead of purchasing one. Below are some reasons why vehicle rental could be the solution to all your woes regarding the high cost of owning a car, and the benefits vehicle rental can bring to you and your family.
When a special occasion arises, car rental might just be the solution for you. It would definitely be ideal if a marvellously stunning car is used to drive your children to their promenade instead of your relatively antique car. Surely you would want your daughter to have a night to remember? If the answer is yes, car rental and long term car leasing is your solution
Special occasions might also mean dealing with business affairs, where numerous professionals would partake in car rental instead of using their own personal car. Taking a more professional look by simply having a better-looking car as seen by your clients could mean a tremendous difference in a business deal or agreement by leaving an impression.
When you are eyeing a long distance excursions with your family members as part of an annual excursion, for example to Malaysia, vehicle rental would prevent damage on your personal car due to wear and tear-driving on treacherous roads. In addition, if you are planning to bring relatives along, you can simply rent a seven or eight-seater vehicle to end your dilemma.
Bid farewell to the worries of your vehicle ever breaking down and leaving you without any means of transportation during a vacation as there would always be replacements easily accessible at your fingertip. You would be astounded to realise the range of vehicles available for rental, each to suit a different need of yours. For example, if you have yet known, you can rent trucks if you wish to haul large and bulky items from location to location, which in some cases, come cheaper than delivery fees levied by some companies.
A wide range of transportation vehicles would also be provided for your comfort, providing the best mode of transportation especially during sightseeing journeys or trips on rough roads. Simultaneously providing you the opportunity to visit places less ventured.
The convenience of an easily available vehicle would also no doubt help to save precious time for you and your loved ones to enjoy and unwind more during the vacation, providing a luxurious and comfortable mode of transportation to desired venues, instead of continuously having to fret on how to travel from one destination to another.
Last but not least! If you are an environmentally green advocate, this would be a perfect solution for you to play a part in keeping our environment clean and green! With reduced numbers of vehicles on the road via renting a minivan or SUV with larger capacity compared to driving a few smaller cars, vehicle exhaust emissions would be reduced, and our earth would no doubt be saved! After all, every small act matters!
Check out car rental singapore today for a wide range of car rental rides for both short term car rental or long term car leasing .
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Friday, August 29, 2014

Cheap Baby Toys

Waah Waah Waah! The baby is crying again. Have you ever had second thoughts about having had that baby? Maybe you are frustrated because of the new addition to the family. Some people have to juggle between the baby at home and the stress from work outside. Not to mention with the baby comes added expenses. Medical bills, hospital bills, bills for clothes and equipment and you feel so stressed out! Even worse when this is your first born. You got no clue how to handle the baby! Changing diapers becomes a challenge, understanding what the baby is trying to say when she is crying and even knowing the proper methods to feed the baby is a test. And all this is driving you crazy.
What I would recommend is that first of all take a big breather. Yes slow down and try to get a breather. Get everything under control and stay calm. And think hard about how you can solve this problem, or try to make life easier for yourself. OK maybe you got a spouse who is very understanding and willing to share the baby load with you. But what if you are a single parent and it is just you and the baby? That becomes a real bummer doesn't it?
Well, let me recommend you something. Have you ever tried buying some baby toys to calm the baby down? Yes I am talking about baby toys. Well if you feel that with the baby already comes many added expenses then think again. You can actually purchase cheap baby toys from online. No time to buy these toys while the baby is untended at home? Well, you can do this in the comfort of your own home. Free and easy. Have those toys delivered to you at home.
And how would these cheap baby toys which were purchased from online help? Well you can't just purchase any baby toys that you see fit. There are actually certain toys that are more important than others. First of all, a baby toy you should get is something which can keep your baby occupied so that he would get distracted and not be idling all the time. For example, you can get a mobile to hang above the cot. Even better if the mobile plays music! That will definitely soothe that little devils ears and make him happy with joy instead of crying!
Oh do note that babies at different ages would need different kinds of toys so always check to see if the toy is suitable for your baby at that age. At the later stages, you should buy some cheap educational toys that help with the baby's development. There are just so many different types of baby toys that you can get for your baby and make life easy. Join me in buying cheap baby toys online and you will never see a crying baby again.
My Name is Lincoln and I like writing about toys. An example of a cheap baby toy which can be bought online includes this perlengkapan bayi baru lahir - Brilliant Basics Baby's First Blocks. This toy is an educational toy which develops a baby's recognition of shapes and helps in skill coordination. If you are interested to search for more cheap toys and cheap baby toys, you may want to check out my pelengkapan bayi murah blog to look for more cheap toys.

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Baby Toys To Stimulate Your Baby

We all want the best for our babies. We give them the love they crave, warm their bellies, and rock them to sleep every night. One important factor in becoming a new parent of a baby is providing them with the tools they need to learn, grow, and conquer the world. Baby toys are a very important investment for all parents to make. But what are the right baby toys to purchase for your baby?
Baby Toys to Stimulate Hand-Eye Coordination
Hand-Eye coordination is the ability to see and grab objects. At the age of four months your baby's hand-eye coordination is beginning to develop. Your baby will grab at objects, and try to pick them up. Don't worry, he will master this quickly. Around five to six months your baby will learn how to reach for a baby toy, perhaps a baby block, grasp it, and hold onto it. Around seven months, your baby will learn how to drop that toy when he is done playing with it.
Developing hand-eye coordination is a crucial tool for all babies to master, and as soon as possible. We use hand-eye coordination in every day tasks such as bringing a fork to our mouths, brushing our teeth and hair. Think about it. Mastering hand-eye coordination can help a person to be able to do more complex tasks like typing quickly on a computer, playing the piano, painting a masterpiece, even sewing a button on a dress. You could be the proud parent of a modern day Mozart!
When trying to help your baby, the best thing you can do is hold a baby toy within reach from him. Then wait for him to grab it. You do not want to show him how it works. To him, that's all the fun of it! Some baby toys that help with developing hand-eye coordination are:
  • Blocks - Soft Blocks for ages 4 - 7 months and more sturdy blocks for babies older than 12 Months.
  • Stacking Toys will teach your baby to not only maneuver the object, but to also fit them together.
  • Household items such as plastic lids, plastic bottles.
Stimulate Your Baby's Senses with Textured Baby ToysHave you felt the pull of your hair when your baby is about four months old? We've all felt it, and our reaction is first pain, then joy. A lot of us, just remove the baby's white knuckle grip, and say "No", but is this really the response we should be giving? This is your baby saying, "I need my sense of touch stimulated!" Maybe instead of just saying "No", give your baby a toy that will stimulate his sense of touch, teaching him that many different things have different textures, shapes, and colors.
There are many baby toys that will do just this. There are toys that have different textures such as bumps, and curves; Baby toys that have crinkly material, and other fabrics. There also toys that have all this and lights and music to stimulate your baby's sense of hearing.
Some toys that you might want to consider are:
  • Crawl Mats and Play Nests - Baby crawl mats comes in several styles. One toy manufacturer, Galt, has created an infant play nest that stimulates touch, vision and hearing. The fabric covers inflatable ring creating a self contained safe play environment for babies and toddlers.
  • Activity Cube - A big soft colorful block with fun activities for baby to explore. Features may include mirrors, crinkle material, wool, sounds and lights and more.
  • Music makers - These baby toys allow baby to press different buttons and see what new sound is made.
Stimulate Your Baby's Mind and Emotions with MusicHave you ever heard a song that, no matter what mood you were in would cheer you up immediately? Or maybe one that made you sleepy? Well, babies feel all these emotions from music too. Music is a wonderful way to introduce your baby to their own sense of emotions, feelings, and the wonderful world of creativity and imagination! Several baby music CD's are available to invoke various feelings in your baby. Some better choices for parents to consider include the Brainy Baby® music collection.
  • Peaceful Baby(TM) by Brainy Baby® - Calming, restful music that progressively lulls your child into a deep and refreshing sleep.
  • Cheerful Baby(TM) - Cheerful Baby's compositions, melodies, rhythms and tonal ranges encourage a happy mood!
  • Playful Baby(TM) - Vibrant, invigorating music that encourages your child to actively experience the richness of their world.
  • Sleepy Baby(TM) - Calming, restful music that progressively lulls your child into a deep and refreshing sleep.
So What Do You Look For?When you go toy shopping for your baby, make sure you got perlengkapan bayi murah and perlengkapan bayi baru lahir properly and you will want to focus on toys that will stimulate your baby's mind, senses, curiosity and imagination. For a baby up to one year old, keep it simple with large, soft baby blocks, stacking toys, play mats or play nests, activity cubes. As a bonus during playtime, throw a CD in the CD player and watch your baby touch, explore, and learn about his new found abilities!

You can find all the toys mentioned in this article at Babymania Shop , as well several other toys for toddlers, and older children. Stop by, and see what you can find at

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Essential Things You Need When You Have a New Baby

Struggling to quiet a fussy baby? The following baby tools may well assist your child (and also you) to feel additional comfortable.
Blanket you ought to have usually observed an infant wrapped in material blanket like a cocoon? Practice we usually encounter, specifically in newborn baby infants is, apparently for great cause you understand, because babies are very pleased to be handled like this. Just envision, your infant was inside of her mom womb for months, in a state physique "with folded arms" conferences, with hands and feet that are not no cost to move and he loved this state. With a blanket, he felt like being in the womb his mother had. Not just that, a material / blanket is actually beneficial to protect your newborn infant in the intensity of extreme noise and light to him.
Carrying cloth Arms (each arms sideways and entrance carrier), is useful not simply to encourage your little one to stroll out from the house, but can also be valuable to serene her lower when she was crying and fussing. Dental Gear for emergence For fussy infants for teething method, gear for example moist washcloth or perhaps a special toy contains water that has cooled (teething toy) may be quite useful. Do not have? As an additional alternative, you may use a stainless metal spoon dipped in chilly H2O. Permit your tiny bite its.
Nipple Additionally to feed her, to serene a fussy little one, you'll be able to attempt using an instrument just like infant pacifiers, or even allow the little chew your finger (have to clear finger) The pediatrician stated that activity bite in newborns, it stimulates the mind to release specific organic chemicals, which will have an effect on the nervous system and can set off a calming stimulus for him.
Child swing quite a few babies are popping up swing lately, which not just rocked forwards and backwards, but additionally to the facet. It's intended to mimic the motion inside the belly of the mother. Nevertheless, you will discover also some experts who tend not to help the use of swing for babies and toddlers. The cause is, since it was feared would cause the little one to have a sense of lack of self-confidence when he grew up.
Infant seats you might know of unique newborn seat that could be folded and taken anywhere? Effectively, in case your baby can sit up, this device can help also to calm him lower. Occasionally, in case your child is fed continuously at a certain position. If your little one spends lots of time by lying down or worn continuously, attempt to place him in an infant seat, to change the mood and standpoint. These seats can also be practical in the event you convey your infant to a buddy or relative. Together with your baby seated in the chair, he'll really feel a lot more comfy, even though he was inside a strange location for him - and simply if you want to find a shop for perlengkapan bayi murah and perlengkapan bayi baru lahir in indonesia , feel free to visit
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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Soto Betawi di Gading Serpong

GADINGSERPONG - menu sup pasti sudah tidak asing di telinga foodies. Makanan Indonesia yang terbuat dari daging dan kaldu sayuran terkenal karena kelezatan. Salah satu menu sup yang cukup populer adalah sup daging sapi. Ingin mencicipi menu, sepertinya Anda perlu datang ke Roxy Restaurant Soto H Darwasa. restoran gading serpong ini terletak di Bolsena komersial, ini adalah cabang pertama dari Soto Roxy H Darwasa. Di restoran Jakarta cukup legendaris, seperti yang telah didirikan sejak tahun 1950 lalu. Tidak hanya usia tua terkenal, restoran gading serpong ini terkenal untuk melayani sup daging yang memiliki rasa khusus. "Khusus untuk kaldu sup, kaldu daging kita menggunakan dicampur dengan santan dicampur dengan rempah-rempah pilihan. Jadi rasanya lebih enak dan aman untuk makan karena mereka tidak menggunakan rasa bumbu, seperti monosodium glutamat (MSG)," kata Zulkarnain, pemilik Soto Roxy H Darwasa. Ada beberapa menu sup yang bisa dipilih sesuai keinginan pelanggan. Ada yang digoreng dan direbus sup daging, daging sapi paru-paru, lidah, kikil, usus dan vena. "Isi sup dapat disesuaikan dengan selera pelanggan," kata Zulkarnain. Dia menambahkan bahwa salah satu favorit dan terlaris menu di sini digoreng sup daging. "Jadi dalam daging goreng pertama, dan kemudian disajikan dengan sup saus. Sebagai pelengkap diberi kerupuk dan irisan daun bawang. Jangan lupa wedges kapur untuk lebih terasa segar". Untuk mendapatkan porsi menu, Anda tidak perlu menghabiskan mendalam. Semua menu sup di sini mulai dari Rp 28.000. Sementara itu, dalam rangka untuk memanjakan pelanggannya,restoran gading serpong Soto H Darwasa Roxy melayani rencana paket untuk katering, pertemuan sosial, pernikahan, dan pertemuan.
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Masakan Kepiting

Kuliner - Masakan seafood terkenal kelezatannya. Dari sekian banyak korban dari hidangan makanan laut, kepiting adalah salah satu yang menjadi favorit banyak orang. Di balik cangkang keras, daging kepiting memiliki tekstur yang lembut dan lezat. Nah, untuk pecinta makanan pecinta kepiting olahan, ada satu tempat di Gading Serpong yang dapat menjadi tujuan referensi kuliner Anda. Leaf Crab Restaurant nama Jembo. Family restaurant konsep restoran yang memiliki menu andalan yang patut dicoba, daun kepiting jembo terbakar. Sebelum diolah, kepiting bumbu racikan diolesi pilihan pertama. Agar bumbu lebih meresap, kepiting direbus dan kemudian digoreng dengan pembungkus daun pisang. "Bungkus daun pisang dibuat campuran rempah-rempah yang lebih luas. Tampaknya cukup menggoda, daging lembut, lezat, dan tidak terlalu pedas saat dimakan. Untuk kepiting, pelanggan bebas memilih sesuka hati. Ada pilihan kepiting jantan, telur, dan jumbo, "kata Harris F Aison, Crab Restaurant General Manager Leaves Jembo pemilik restoran gading serpong. Ada juga pilihan lain kepiting olahan senilai check-out. Seperti saus lada hitam kepiting, gurun, dan tiram. Namun, bagi pelanggan yang ingin merasakan sensasi kepiting persiapan soft shell, menu kepiting soka bisa menjadi pilihan. "Jika menu ini, soft shell dan mudah untuk membuka. Jadi, pelanggan tidak perlu repot-repot untuk memakannya," kata Haris. Tidak hanya kepiting menu, pergi Haris, di mana ia juga menyajikan menu seafood olahan lainnya. Mulai dari panggang ikan kuwe lilin jimbaran, kerang madu, panggang cumi melompat telur jembo udang rebus, dan berbagai sayuran olahan. Sementara haus rilis, bandung es yang terbuat dari campuran fanta jeruk dan santan dan es bisa menjadi pilihan yang pas. "Untuk Berbicara tentang harga menu sekarang tetap laris es jeruk kelapa., Semua menu kami mulai dai tag harga Rp 40 ribu," pungkasnya
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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Why Women Need More Money Than Men -- and What Can Be Done to Make It Happen

Women need more money than men. Why? (No, not so we can buy more shoes, handbags or manicures.) Women need more because we live longer than men, make significantly less salary than our male peers, and are more likely to be single parents raising a family on one income.
Having a child is now the single best indicator of financial collapse.
Women comprise 87% of the impoverished elderly. A woman who works full-time for 40 years will earn $523,000 less than her male counterpart. At age 65, that extra half a million dollars could keep her from becoming one of the elderly poor.
What do these grim statistics tell us? They tell us that women, especially as they become older, are not prepared to take care of themselves financially. Yet nearly 90% of all women will end up managing their finances alone at some point in their lives.
Despite a woman's greater potential for financial need, it appears that many factors hamper financial equality between the sexes.
What can women do to beat these alarming odds?
Here are a few of my own - perhaps unique - ideas:
Delay motherhood.   My husband and I purposely waited until we had achieved financial freedom before adopting our daughter, because we didn’t want to repeat our own parent’s experiences. We both grew up with workaholic, struggling young parents and quite frankly, that often stunk. We didn't want money to interfere with our parenting.
Forming a family through adoption, rather than pregnancy, was a decision I made when I was a mere teenager. (The way I figured it, why "make my own" child when there are countless orphans dying for a family already.)  Since my husband and I chose to create our family through adoption, my biological time clock wasn't a ticking time bomb.
As my blog’s tagline says, “Financially free, our family hasn’t set an alarm clock in years. Whether it be work, parenting or play, we wake with the sun, eager to spend each new day doing whatever we choose.”   We waited until we could afford to commit to parenting 100%, together. For our family, the wait has been worth it.
I realize the path we chose isn't a good fit for most, but I do think it's sensible for parenthood to wait until certain things are in order. Consider taking the time to first:
  • finish college, establish your career, or launch your business
  • pay off your credit cards and other consumer debt
  • build an emergency fund
  • protect your growing wealth with insurance policies like disability and health
  • start your retirement account
  • build a solid partnership with your significant other
Share parenting and careers with your child's father.   I have two biases to confess right off the bat: One: I think most kids grow up best when raised by their parents (as opposed to day-care providers); and two: women need to know how to make money (see the statistics referenced in this article, above).
My ideal parenting-career model looks like this: Mom and Dad divide childcare and career hours between the two of them. For instance, rather than settle for the stereotypical full-time working father and the stay-at-home mom, each parent works part-time (20-25 hours each), during different shifts, while swapping care of the kids.
Think about the benefits to this kind of arrangement:
  1. Kids grow up spending quality time with both parents
  2. Both Mom and Dad get to spend quality time with the kids
  3. Both parents have the opportunity to pursue their own career paths
  4. No childcare expenses are required
  5. Mom hasn't given up her earning power
I recognize this isn't an easy arrangement for everyone. Many families feel they both need to work full-time to support their family. Some don't think their employer would allow them to work part-time. Others are single-parents who can't count on reliable child-support or parental care from the other. It's not the perfect solution for everyone. But if it sounds like an appealing idea to you, see if you can eliminate the "yes-but's" and figure out a way to make it happen anyway.
Refuse to be underpaid.  Remember-- a woman who works full-time for 40 years will earn $523,000 less than her male counterpart.  When you perform the same work, why in the world should you settle for less pay? Demand what you deserve,
Become financially literate.  Almost 90% of all women will end up managing their finances alone, so it's foolhardy to allow the man in your life to handle your finances. Read books, take classes, find a money mentor.
Come to grips with the emotions behind money.  The “How To’s” of personal finance are the same for women as they are for men. What is different is our feelings and beliefs about money. It has been demonstrated that most women are raised to nurture and seek acceptance and view money as a means to create a lifestyle. Women spend on things that enhance day-to-day living. Conversely, most men grow up learning to fix and provide. They view money as a means to capture and accumulate value, like a house and retirement. Men don't spend, they invest. Men don't want something, they need it. Theirs tends to be a future-money orientation.
Modify your money mindset to a more functional one.
Create a lifetime financial plan.  I use Microsoft Money's lifetime financial planning tool. Stay tuned for a future post for more details.
If you are married (or in a committed relationship), invest in it.  Money ranks as the first most argued topic for many couples. It has been estimated that an astounding 80% of divorces are the result of money disagreements.
A good marriage takes effort. I've been married for 21 years, so believe me, I know.  We schedule regular date nights sans kid, and see a counselor for "maintenance tune-ups". Money and time well invested, I assure you.
Push for national change in Congress, state legislature, public schools, and at the corporate level. Support systems that will help to ease financial differences between genders.
Readers, how do you think women can beat the odds?  I recognize this topic could raise some controversy, so please remember to express your constructive opinion, thoughts and ideas with respect and kindness.
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