Monday, October 24, 2016

The Famous People in Gambling

The Famous People in Gambling

Gambling is a recreational activity prevalent in society today. Young and old alike, people are getting hooked to what today’s society calls as the game of the lucky ones.

Generally, gambling refers to any form of activities that involves taking the risk of betting the money or any kind of tangible items of value, which sometimes depend on chance or the skill of somebody to manipulate the game.

Since its inception, the profitability that gambling can offer to an individual is endless. That is why gambling had continuously dominated the world of chances.

However, even if gambling like blackjack, poker, and slot machines are so popular these days, people still don’t have any idea how it started and who started it. judi domino uang asli

Here’s a list of the people who, in some way or another, contributed to the development of gambling.

1. The first ever slot machine, known as the Liberty Bell, was invented by Charles Fey in 1985. Fey was a car mechanic in San Francisco when he thought of inventing the Liberty Bell.

The first form of slot machine was made of three spinning wheels that had three featured shapes: spades, diamonds, and hearts plus a “cracked” Liberty Bell drawn at each reel.

It was on 1907 when an arcade-like machine maker based in Chicago had thought of reproducing machines similar to that of Fey’s. The manufacturer was named Henry Stephen Mills. The machine was called Operator Bell.

It was from this point that the slot machines have evolved until today’s form.

2. In card games such as blackjack, nobody can ever tell how the game started and who started it. This is because nobody tried to record it for the purpose of history.

However, there were people who conceptualized the basic strategy for playing blackjack.

It was in 1958 when Cantey, McDermott, Maisel and Baldwin had devised a strategy that caused such commotion with both the statisticians and the gamblers themselves.

These four people have created the basic strategy in playing the game all using their hand calculators. After which, they created a book known as “Winning Blackjack,” which is now considered as one of the most valuable strategies in playing blackjack. agen judi domino

In turn, this gave birth to what modern gambling now calls as the “card counting techniques.”

These are the people who have made the gambling world truly a phenomenon. Though, there are people who do not accept them as great inventors because of the negative effects of gambling in the society today. Nevertheless, they have contributed a lot in gambling.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Putting 2016 To Bed and Making New Plans

I love this time of year when the calendar provides a fresh clean slate. Snow falls softly outside my window, the house is quiet, and I am in a reflective mood. I take a look backward at the previous year and evaluate how I spent my time, focus and energy. Then I “archive” it. After putting the past year to bed, I imagine forward into the new year and make note of sparkling new intentions and plans.
You may have noted that I haven’t mentioned the word “resolutions”. For me, that word feels too absolute, confining and final. I like flexibility. I relish the freedom to change my mind about things, and I do change my mind, often. This said, I do like brainstorming, analyzing my options, and setting a course. Without a roadmap, I feel wishy-washy and ineffective. But I need the freedom to detour because I know that if I DON’T WANT to do something, I will procrastinate endlessly, it won’t get done, and I’ll feel crappy about it. On the flip side, when I DO want to do something, I jump in with both feet and get ‘er done. I’ve learned to set my course with intention, then go with the flow.
Here are some questions I like to address this time of year:
What were the highlights of 2009? Create a collage to celebrate and remember. These are the memories you want to carry forward into the new year. Use them as momentum for more.
Lowlights? If this list feels like a dark cloud or is full of disappointments, ceremoniously burn the list after it’s done. You are encouraged to start the new year without this baggage!
Did I accomplish what I intended? If no, why not? Be wary of excuses that hide the truth. For me, excuses usually mean I changed my mind, or didn’t want to do it bad enough. Sometimes it’s because I feared I wouldn’t do it good enough.
What would make me happier? Be concrete and start small: “I want to save money” isn’t nearly as effective as “I will set up an automatic bank transfer from my checking to savings account, every payday, for $100.”
What established habits do I want to keep? Stop?
What do I want to do each and every day for the next 30 days? This time period allows me the opportunity to establish a new habit without feeling confined by it. If I still value this new habit after 30 days, I renew my commitment.
What items do I want to cross off my task list this year?
What would my ideal day look like? Imagine anything is possible. Address every moment: from waking through bedtime, the environment, your relationships, the activities, your emotions.
What news do I want to share in next year’s holiday letter? This is where I address the specific accomplishments I hope to achieve by year’s end. Be specific, and write the letter in present tense, as if it were already true.
Readers, do you make New Year’s Resolutions? Why or why not?
Note: One of my new “each and every day for the next 30 days I will…” commitments is to write for my blog or book every day for at least 20 minutes. Please help me with this endeavor by letting me know (via the comments section or private email) what you’d like me to address. I welcome specific questions.

Want To Be Rich And Happy? Before That You Need To Understand This Things

I’m going to share something with you today that you really need to understand – on a gut level – before you can be rich and happy. Are you ready? Here it is:
Even if you learn ALL there is to know about money (how to make it, save it, invest it), if your relationships with others OR YOURSELF are dysfunctional, you will NEVER reach your full abundance potential.
Years ago, I used to bitch, moan and complain with certain people because it seemed to bring us closer together. Misery likes company, so I sometimes feigned misery so these people would like me. I didn’t want to make anyone feel jealous or envious either, so I talked myself down. It seemed so PC (politically correct).
I learned the hard way that this didn’t do anyone any favors. I curbed this behavior… and I grew wealthy and happy.
I hear from these certain individuals now only when something difficult is occurring in my life. When I’m all smiles and gratitude, I rarely hear a peep from them.
Similarly, a reader suggested that I make some people feel depressed by expressing my satisfaction, gratitude and happiness. He/she said that I should express more humility instead.
Perhaps my blog’s traffic would increase if I discussed the mess my past bookkeeper made of our financial records (and the subsequent late report penalties), the slow down of our construction business during the Great Recession, the exhaustion I feel after two back-to-back colds, or the disturbing mystery behind a missing in-law. We all know that bad news sells. The media is full of tragedy, fear and despair because it works to increase circulation and readership.
But I don’t want to write about bad things, even if it would drive my blog’s traffic to new heights. Sure, bad news sells, but I don’t want to invite that kind of attention. If I focused on hardships, I’d feel like a car wreck on the side of the highway – the type that drivers can’t help but slow down to gawk at (even though we know we’ll get grossed out). I’d be attracting negative thoughts into my mind and people that choose to focus on negativity into my life. No, thanks!
I write to express myself and to share the steps I take to live a fuller, richer, happier life. By doing so, I actively practice my intentions and keep aligned on what is important to me. It brings a higher caliber of relationships into my life, and it gives me the strength to deal with the occasional curve ball thrown my way.
Here are some of the valuable lessons I’ve learned through the University of Hard Knocks:
We become the company we keep. Like attracts like. Be negative and you’ll attract negativity; be positive and you will attract positive relationships into your life.
Limit your exposure to toxic people. We all have them – friends, family or co-workers – that seem hell-bent on bringing us down to their level.  Immunize yourself from their poison by maintaining healthy personal boundaries. Don’t be a martyr, learn to say no. When someone near you behaves badly, don’t engage with them — walk away if you must. Be a positive role model instead. Perhaps you’ll inspire them (when they are personally ready) by modeling a different, healthier attitude.
Envy and jealousy will get you exactly what you don’t want.Acknowledge these feelings, then release them and let go. Compare yourself not to others, but only to your best self.
Don’t be pressured into humility. Definitions of humble include:
    • cause to feel shame; hurt the pride of
    • low or inferior in station or quality
    • marked by meekness or modesty
These definitions don’t fit with a healthy, positive self-esteem, do they?
Choose to use different language. The language you use directs your actions and therefore the path your life takes.
    • Avoid three dirty little words: try, can’t, and but.
    • When someone asks, “how are you?” don’t whine back, “I stepped in dog puke getting out of bed this morning, then I burned my toast, and now I gotta suffer through a dentist appointment…”. Instead, respond with something that is joyfully perfect in your world like, “I just had thee bestgrilled cheese sandwich for lunch!”
Limit your exposure to mass media. Pull the plug on bad news. Be selective – record uplifting, humorous and educational programs and keep the boob-tube turned off otherwise. I don’t know who was murdered, what poor child was abducted and from where, and who blew up how many people today, and you know what? I don’t want to know!
Focus on the bright side of life. I promise – there is always a bright side! What you think about is what you will get. Practice this skill by keeping a gratitude journal.
Stop looking in the rear view mirror. Live your life from this day forward.

Bermain Online Poker – Beberapa Tips Dan Perangkap Untuk Hindari

Wow – Anda telah melihatnya pada TV. Dalam glamour, glitz, Uang!!!!!! Dan anda mungkin telah memperhatikan bahwa salah satu keterampilan kunci dalam game poker apa pun adalah pengamatan. Dalam sebuah permainan hidup di sana secara relatif sedikit gangguan dan anda mendapatkan untuk menonton reaksi dan bahasa tubuh lawan anda.
Memainkan online adalah seluruh pertandingan bola yang berbeda. Ada TV, keluarga, anjing, telepon, sebenarnya nampaknya seperti seluruh dunia ingin perhatian anda. Ini adalah tidak baik untuk game anda dan akhirnya pendapatan poker anda. Oops anda hanya dilipat yang AA ketika anda ingin meningkatkan. Sial sekarang anda yang disebut semua-dalam taruhan dengan junk dan anda dimaksudkan untuk melipat. Tidak tertawa, saya telah dilakukan kedua-dua orang ini dan aku biaya beberapa dolar!!!!!

Jadi sekarang anda di Den, tenang, dan akhirnya anda dapat berkonsentrasi. Ah, mari kita membalas email ini, lakukan yang mencari BBQ baru dan meninjau situs poker yang sangat baik untuk bonus terbaik terakhir. Hey apa yang anda berarti saya duduk keluar?? Multi-tugas hari moden buzz firman. Dan seorang pembunuh total untuk keuntungan poker anda.

Ini adalah game yang cukup sulit untuk memukul ketika anda berkonsentrasi penuh, nmain lah di poker online pada bagian atas dan bermain game anda yang terbaik yang dapat anda. Jadi mengapa handicap diri anda dengan tidak memberikan perhatian yang layak. Dan bersenang-senang sambil anda melakukannya. Dan Smack Obrolan Talk saat Anda memainkan, Anda dapat mengirim seorang pemain pada miringkan! Tetapi jangan lupa untuk berkonsentrasi, ia mengambil banyak fokus dan disiplin, khususnya ketika permainan sangat lambat dan anda tidak mendapatkan kartu yang ada. Tidak dapat dicobai untuk mendorong beberapa aksi – anda akan kehilangan lebih banyak uang lebih cepat dari yang!
Cara terbaik untuk split perhatian anda adalah untuk memainkan 2 atau bahkan 3 tabel untuk setiap kalinya. Hal ini menjamin bahwa anda tidak dapat memfokuskan perhatian pada tabel tertentu. Jika anda harus melakukan ini, (dan saya pasti orang-orang yang bersalah!!), memainkan turnamen dan cincin game, atau 2 turnamen ini. Coba dan menghindari bermain game uang beberapa, hanya menguntungkan dalam jangka panjang, kecuali jika anda Howard Leaderer atau Filipi Ivey.
Pilih sebuah kamar kartu dan meja yang sesuai dengan cara anda bermain. Pada batas bawah yang lebih mudah daripada dilaksanakan, tetapi oleh mengamati apa yang terjadi pada, anda akan mendapatkan sebuah ‘merasa’ untuk tabel setelah beberapa tangan dan untuk sedikit atau tidak ada mengorbankan, tergantung pada apakah anda dikirim dan pergi melalui membutakan atau tidak. Jika ia tidak sesuai dengan kebutuhan anda, bangunlah dan menemukan tabel lainnya. Ia akan jauh lebih murah dalam jangka panjang daripada mencoba untuk memaksa tabel anda pada. Tahu bila untuk memotong dan menjalankan dan bila untuk tinggal.

Sebagai memainkan berlanjutan anda akan melihat pemain yang meninggalkan dan bergabung. Membayar perhatian ekstra di sini seperti ikan anda telah belajar memerah sapi dengan tangan telah meninggalkan dan pemain agresif ketat sekarang di tempat mereka. Hal ini dapat mempengaruhi warna kulit dari seluruh meja dan membuat ia tidak berguna untuk melanjutkan.
Memainkan ketat, sopan dan sederhana, rambutnya jangan berkepang agresif dan bank anda putar akan tumbuh dari waktu ke waktu – dan mungkin aku akan melihat anda di WSOP!!!!!

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