Friday, March 7, 2014

Baby Steps to Financial Freedom

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Our family money tree has had time to mature and is now thriving and bearing fruit. It truly doesn't require huge chunks of my time, nor extraordinary brainpower, to maintain it. However, if your money tree hasn't yet been planted or is still a young sapling requiring plenty of care and support, I understand that you might be feeling completely overwhelmed.

Getting your financial life in order takes some time and effort. I can promise you that it's time well spent (until I am blue in the face and writhing on the ground) but let's be honest-- parents are busy creatures and are often stretched in many different directions.

Keeping this in mind, I'm developing a solution for time-starved and not-so-money-green-thumbed parents.

Do you remember how your child learned to walk? That's right-- your child learned to walk by taking one tiny baby step at a time. (Sing along with me, now... “put one foot in front of the other, and soon you'll be walking across the floor!”) Learning to walk required some hand-holding, a few painful stumbles, and encouragement. But before you knew it your baby was walking; then running, skipping and jumping. Soon there was no stopping her. Success was built on those first little baby steps.

I often tend to our money tree while our young daughter is napping, absorbed in a Sesame Street episode, or out for a “date” with her Daddy. I snatch time whenever I can. Therefore I'm designing each Baby Step to be completed in a reasonable amount of time-- a “napful” of time. Each Baby Step builds on the previous step, encouraging your money tree to establish deep roots, grow and prosper.

So let's get started on your step by step journey. Financial freedom here we come!

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  1. Hi, OMG, that's amazing! Your numbers just "looked" huge to me because I have a very, um, small frame of reference.

    Actually, I live in a state with a higher minimum wage, so I'm making more than $5.85 an hour.

    I found a very good housing deal - that's huge to me, as I've spent a considerable amount of time over the years looking for housing I could afford. This one includes utilities, which provides stability of spending (no spikes in utility bills). I don't have a car - that's another big one. My "entertainment" and "fun" consists of going online (dialup, $10/mo - cheaper than a daily newspaper) and surfing personal finance sites (heh). I haven't gone to a movie in years, I'm single and not dating. Basically, I can get by because I don't have vices and I don't have a life, either.

  2. Wow, that looks like an awful lot of spending. I make minimum wage and I get by.

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